Guide: 10 Zoom Tips for Parents for Monitoring Remote Learning

Times are changing; your child is probably learning online, right?

Attending class via Zoom is challenging for everyone involved: parents, teachers, and kids. Attention spans are stretched to their limits, technical difficulties abound, and patience is a virtue that’s hard to come by.

Get prepared for the new era of tech and education. Inside the guide, you'll learn:

  1. Video Conferencing Basics
  2. Setting Up an Online Account for Your Student
  3. Different Requirements According to Grade Level
  4. Organizing Meeting Links
  5. And so much more...


Grab your guide

We can’t solve the pandemic, but we can make it easier for kids to handle remote learning. To help you get the year off to a good start, we’ve assembled some smart tips for dealing with the tech and for coaching kids through the early days of a new learning model. Simply fill out the form to download this resource.

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