Guide: Getting Your Small Business to and Through the Cloud

The 411 on Getting More from Your Microsoft 365 Investment

When you hear terms like “cloud architecture” or “cloud services” you may think only sizable organizations can support and afford such systems. 

That’s definitely not the case.  

In 2020, over 80 percent of small businesses said their goal is to deploy cloud computing.

Some of the many advantages cloud computing offers for small businesses include: 

• Flexibility, agility, and scalability 

• Growing faster and better

• Cutting costs

• Enhancing security

You know the expression “bang for your buck?” You get much more “bang” with the cloud for way fewer bucks—-and in a small business, every dollar matters. 

In this guide, you will learn:

• Why Small Businesses Should Invest in Cloud 

• Types of Cloud Computing Deployment Models 

• Cloud Tools and Packages for Small Businesses 

• Cut Costs and Maximize the Potential of Your Microsoft 365 Investment 

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