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In today's dynamic work landscape, remote and on-site work environments have become increasingly prevalent. Ensuring the safety and security of your workforce, regardless of their location, is of paramount importance. To assist you in achieving this goal, we have created a comprehensive guide that will help you establish a safe and secure remote and on-site work environment.

What's Inside the Guide?

Our guide covers a range of crucial topics and questions that are essential for creating a safe and productive work environment:


  • Firewall setup and maintenance for remote working networks.
  • Ensuring VPN licenses are sufficient for teleworking needs.
  • Addressing security risks related to remote access and BYOD devices.
  • VPNs as a standard security measure for remote network access.

On-prem Versus Cloud Computing:

  • Evaluating on-prem server usage and cloud applications.
  • Performance considerations for remote access to apps.
  • Solutions for improving application performance when using VPNs.
  • Hosted virtual servers as a performance-enhancing option.

Accessing Data Files:

  • Handling small versus large files in remote work scenarios.
  • Assessing network reliability and security of file sharing solutions.
  • Considerations for using EFSS and CCP for larger files.
  • Implementing SMB for authenticated remote file access.

Hardware Policies:

  • Addressing security implications of BYOD policies.
  • Evaluating security of home devices used for work.
  • Dealing with lost devices and security vulnerabilities.
  • Considerations for companies using cloud services.

Best Practices for Remote + On-Site Work 

  • A comprehensive set of 8 best practices are included in the guide.

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Our guide provides in-depth insights and recommendations to help you navigate these critical aspects of modern work. It equips you with the knowledge needed to create a robust framework for a safe and secure remote and on-site work environment.

To gain access to this valuable resource and empower your distributed teams, simply fill out the form and download our free guide. Your commitment to safety and security will not only protect your organization but also promote a productive and resilient workforce.

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