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When it comes to IT, we all could use some support. And you deserve more than just average. 

Here's the deal, exceptional IT service begins with a clear understanding of what you need IT to do for you. At MicroTech, we specialize in helping small Boise-based businesses leverage IT to help their teams do their jobs better.

Don’t spend one more night tossing and turning over an IT issue. When you turn it over to MicroTech, we get it done.

As your IT service and support company, we deliver quality, ongoing computer support to keep your business operating consistently and efficiently.

Our 5-star IT Support Services Include:

- IT Support 

- Managed IT Services 

- 24/7 Monitoring

- Antivirus & Backups

- Windows Servers

We believe you deserve more than just average services, so we work with you to deliver our five-star promise. With the right team, tools, and resources to get the job done and more than 50 years of experience solving IT challenges in and around Boise, we got you covered. Freeing you to focus on what matters most—your business and your bottom line.

Let's begin a conversation to talk about your technology needs and challenges to find the right solution for your business. It's our goal to demonstrate what exceptional IT should look like so much that we are willing to discount your bill if you feel we don't live up to that promise.

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Let's find time to talk about your technology needs for your small business. 

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