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How to Choose the Best IT Solutions Company for Your Boise-Based Small Business

Small and midsize businesses have a variety of tasks to juggle to keep operations running smoothly. When it comes to IT and technology, smaller companies may not have internal staff members who are assigned to these responsibilities.

Fortunately, that’s where managed IT services come into play. A dedicated third-party expert can help even the smallest businesses and organizations keep tabs on technical areas. IT solutions experts also fix vulnerabilities and eliminate IT risks.

In this post, we’ll explore the details of managed IT solutions and discuss how you can reap the benefits of this must-have business solution.

Boise IT Solutions

According to data from the U.S. Small Business Administration, Idaho’s small business economy is growing at a faster than average rate. In fact, Idaho-based small businesses employ over 300,000 individuals, making up 56.2% of the state’s total workforce.

It’s obvious that small and mid-level businesses in Boise and surrounding areas have much to contribute to the state economy and local community. As a result, business leaders must be proactive when it comes to choosing dependable and professional IT solutions.

Boise Tech Company

Small businesses and corporations in the Boise area can take advantage of the services offered by IT solutions experts. MicroTech Systems of Boise specializes in 5-star IT support that protects your investment and offers assurance for years to come. This confidence comes from important characteristics such as:

  • Actions that are right and fair for your specific business model
  • Persistence to find and discover the most appropriate tech solutions possible
  • Ownership of every single action and plan of attack
  • Positive long-term business relationships
  • Results that surpass expectations

What is a Managed IT Solutions Company?

A managed IT solutions company is a third-party business or vendor that specializes in information technology and infrastructure. These companies employ certified IT professionals who specialize in a variety of IT service areas. These specialties often include:

  • IT management and strategy
  • Hardware maintenance
  • Remote monitoring and protection
  • Data storage and backup processes
  • Data privacy
  • Server maintenance
  • Cloud computing technology

Although a single business might not require all of these services at one time, technology needs are always changing. It’s important to have a professional IT solutions company that can provide outside perspective, advice, and strategy.

How Does Managed Security Services Work?

The application of managed security services starts with hiring a qualified IT solutions provider. No matter what business or provider you choose, be sure to check their certifications involving IT security. To do so, you can ask for references or search for customer testimonials.

Once you have a provider in place, you will need to grant the appropriate level of access to your technology systems. This allows your service provider to make the necessary changes and adjustments on your behalf. It also gives your provider the ability to continue monitoring over an extended period of time.

Depending on your contract, you can use managed security services to accomplish a one-time project, or you can hand over the reins for long-term security monitoring

Benefits of Hiring an IT Solutions Company

There are many advantages to hiring an IT solutions company, especially for small and midsize businesses in Boise and surrounding regions. Notable perks include:

  • Saving time and resources when internal staff may not be available
  • Outsourcing to industry experts with the right knowledge and training
  • Leveraging an IT company’s hardware and software
  • Obtaining 24/7 monitoring of important security systems and networks

Although hiring an IT solutions company comes with a cost, the added protection and peace of mind is well worth it for small businesses that want to reduce technology risks and maintain a competitive edge in the market.

How to Hire and Evaluate an IT Solutions Company

Before you hire an IT solutions company, take time to carefully evaluate all of the available options. Since you’ll be extending access to crucial business systems, you want to be sure to hire a provider you can trust. 

Below are a few tips for hiring and evaluating a future IT solutions company.

  1. Start by outlining your organization’s specific needs and goals. Use these points to conduct your research on IT solutions providers, either locally or nationally.
  2. Get specific. Look for information on the areas of expertise of each provider. For example, if you want to hone in on remote monitoring, pick a provider with remote access experience.
  3. Inquire and ask detailed questions. Set up a time tearn how a given IT solutions company would handle your case. Go over budget, personnel, and expectations.
  4. Develop an agreement (with check-ins). Once you’ve chosen a provider, make sure to sign a clear contract that you can refer back to. It’s a good idea to establish check-in times so that you can address any issues or make changes to your IT strategy.

Concluding Thoughts

Choosing a qualified IT solutions company not only saves time and resources, but the decision offers invaluable protection against security and privacy risks. In an age where these threats are more real than ever before, small businesses must take action.

If you’re a Boise tech company or small business, reach out today to the MicroTech Systems team. We can assist you in finding the right tech solution for your specific business needs and digital requirements.