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5 Key Benefits of Using Microsoft Office 365 for Business

Modern businesses are often in need of digital products and processes that make it easier to conduct normal operations in the most efficient way. While there’s no shortage of productivity tools on the market, it’s important to know your top priorities before making a decision.

As a leader in technology innovation for decades, Microsoft is a trusted name in technology, business, and enterprise products. Users around the world benefit from Microsoft’s unique innovation, scalability, and efficiency. 

Although you might already be familiar with Microsoft Office products, this post offers the foundational information you need to make the jump to Office 365. We’ll introduce the top benefits so that you can work smarter, not harder.


What is Microsoft Office 365 for Business?

Microsoft Office 365 is a subscription-based cloud service that offers all of the traditional Microsoft products in a secure, browser-based format. The comprehensive professional suite includes applications like:

  • Microsoft WordCanva Design DAFIXmEn6Co
  • Excel
  • PowerPoint
  • Outlook
  • Publisher
  • Access
  • OneNote

With Office 365, users can work remotely from anywhere and collaborate with other users within the same organization. This is different from the experience of Microsoft Office 2019 and older versions, which were one-time software purchases and installations that were generally designed for a single user.


Benefits of Using Office 365

Regardless of how you choose to leverage Office 365, there are several important benefits. These range from flexibility, to security, to efficiency, and more. Below are some of the top reasons that our clients enjoy using Microsoft Office 365.

  • File Accessibility

Once a user installs and logs in to their Microsoft Office 365 account, it’s easy to access files from anywhere. In an age of remote work, this flexibility and location independence is extremely important. File access encompasses all of the programs within Office 365, including documents, presentations, emails, and more.

  • Better Team Collaboration

Because it’s so simple to access files from anywhere, team collaboration and connection via Office 365 have never been easier. 

View, share, and edit organizational documents in real time. You can also share access to files with approved users so that only the right individuals have access to the work materials that matter most.

Many teams also opt to use Microsoft Teams, a video conferencing platform in the Office 365 line. Teams are available for personal, business, enterprise, and educational use, which makes it a flexible way to manage your meeting and virtual conferencing needs.

  • Cloud-Based Storage Options

With cloud-based storage, companies can say goodbye to the traditionally bulky, on-premise Exchange server. In fact, an easy and predictable digital subscription allows you to see exactly what you’re getting with Microsoft Office 365 storage. 

With an automated platform like Office 365, you’ll be able to avoid frustration and maintenance over things like software and hardware upgrades. Data is securely stored on Microsoft cloud servers, around the clock.

  • Security Features

Speaking of secure storage features, Office 365 contains built-in protocols that make it easy to trust the reliability and protection of your most valuable assets.

Up-to-date security protocols include secure login credentials, two-factor authentication, threat detection, and anti-malware services. Even though some of these features run in the background (meaning that they won’t interrupt or slow down your work), they greatly contribute to peace of mind and data privacy policies.

  • Cost Savings on Physical Server Upkeep

For businesses that employ fewer than 20 employees (all working within Office 365), you won’t need to purchase a hosted server. Over time, this helps small and medium-sized businesses save on overall server licensing and management costs.


How MicroTech Can Help

MicroTech IT of Boise provides Microsoft Office 365 migration and consulting services to help you make the leap to this new, contemporary tech platform. We’ll deliver results concerning important business priorities such as:

  • Your bottom line – Always understand what you’re spending and how your investments are working to generate an impact
  • Your efficiency – You can’t afford to let a new migration derail your company’s progress, and we’re here to ensure smooth sailing
  • Your security concerns – Business-critical data needs to be and remain secure, and transitioning to Office 365 offers numerous built-in security perks


Get Started with Microsoft Office 365

Migrating to a new program or platform can at times feel daunting, especially for small to mid-sized businesses that are used to certain procedures. Yet making the jump to a more robust, modern solution can produce numerous advantages and help companies achieve a better return on investment when it comes to their tech spending.

Reach out to MicroTech today to learn more about our Microsoft Office 365 migration and consulting services. We’ll be your reliable partner in finding the exact solution that solves your biggest hurdles and helps your business advance.

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