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Why Active Directory Domain Services Authentication Matters

Technologically-focused companies rely on critical database infrastructure to maintain regular operations and to help employees and administrators accomplish daily tasks. 

This IT infrastructure makes it possible to carry out business-related processes securely and professionally. 

Domain services offer a complex network of connections. These connections are what power behind-the-scenes business functionalities. Without such a level of organization, it would be extremely difficult to process data and to offer secure connections for employees.

Keep reading to learn several important definitions associated with Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS). We’ll also share important benefits about why you should consider AD DS management.

What is Active Directory (AD)?

According to Quest, “Active Directory (AD) is a database and set of services that connect users with the network resources they need to get their work done.”

The Active Directory model defines the user environment and establishes important rules about the network, allowing it to remain secure. This model includes defining the database infrastructure, verifying user credentials, and setting important access levels based on individual need or policy.

Active Directory is part of the Microsoft Windows Server operating system. It’s important to note that this server framework is only available for on-premise or physical server setups. Microsoft Azure, the cloud-based server platform, is organized to operate differently.


What are Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS)?

Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) is the core component of Active Directory. AD DS provides user management and administrative oversight in order to offer network security, system management, and administrative database control.

AD DS provides important things for businesses such as:

  • Security and log-in validations
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) options 
  • User account management and deletion
  • User rights hierarchy and oversight

Essentially, Domain Services (DS) is what makes the hierarchy of Active Domain possible in the first place. This structure enables network communication and effective groupings that help organizational units work more effectively.


Active Directory High Availability

High availability (HA) refers to the ability of a server to fulfill a user’s general request with extended or superior availability. This is important because it prevents any one component in the server organization from failing upon request.

High availability can also be described in terms of “uptime.” This is often represented as a percentage of how often the server is available for users when they make new requests. 

Because Active Directory powers the work that organizations carry out regularly, it’s especially important to maintain high availability whenever possible.


Active Directory Cross Domain Authentication

Cross domain authentication is another important process for identity verification. This process authenticates users on different websites when those sites are hosted on separate servers. 

Based on the complexity of your organization’s server setup, cross domain authentication may make it possible to verify users more quickly. This can reduce lags or bottlenecks and offer a more streamlined way to access sites and servers that are a part of normal operations.


Benefits of Active Directory Domain Services

Active Directory Domain Services is complex, but it also provides numerous advantages that make it worthwhile. For businesses and IT leaders, the benefits of AD DS management include:

  • A defined schema – Set rules for a hierarchical structure make it easier to simply understand roles within the directory.
  • Trees and forests – Borrowing from a natural metaphor, trees and forests are the visual mapping of levels in the Active Directory. These are also known as logical mappings, and relationships between connections can be more easily seen and understood. 
  • Centralized resources Having a single point for network management and oversight is a huge perk for system administrators. Additionally, resources can be stored and even printed from a single place or location on the network. Centralization allows for clean, organized data that is easier to find and process.


How MicroTech Systems Can Help

The way that you establish and run your server organization matters. While it might sound overly complicated or technical, having a structure like Active Directory is one way to improve the internal and external functionality of your business. 

Microsoft server management ensures that your business stays on an upward trajectory. Regardless of how large your business is currently, building a system that encourages growth is one way to succeed. 

When you work alongside the experts at MicroTech Systems, you’ll gain an honest take on where your small business or enterprise organization stands today, and how you can expect to grow and evolve.


Important Reminders

Whether you work “in the weeds” of Active Directory Domain Services, or you simply want to better understand how your business operates, we hope this information provides a foundation.

Reach out to MicroTech Systems today to learn more about our Windows Server Management Services. We’ll help you grow, scale, and operate more efficiently.


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