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Why Your Small Business Needs Remote IT Assistance

Being a small and medium-sized business, you are growth-focused and need to efficiently utilize your resources and scale your business operations within a limited budget. What if you could save on your IT spending, allocating more budget towards other business-critical tasks?

Remote IT Assistance offers professional IT services at affordable costs eliminating the need to hire an in-house IT support team. In addition to cost savings, remote IT support service ensures faster issue resolution, access to industry experts, 24/7 remote monitoring, and provides on-demand scalability.

What is Remote IT Assistance and what services does it offer?

Smiling young man using digital tablet in the officeRemote IT assistance refers to providing technical support for your IT systems via a remote connection. When you sign up with a remote IT support service, managed IT service providers or MSPs remotely access your IT infrastructure using reliable remote management software to troubleshoot issues and oversee the maintenance of your IT operations.

MSPs provide a bundle of remote IT services including cloud management, cybersecurity, software installation, and setup, dedicated IT helpdesk, proactive remote monitoring, windows server management, etc.

7 reasons why you should hire a Remote IT Support service provider

  1. Remote IT assistance is more affordable
    When you outsource your IT requirements to an experienced managed service provider like MicroTech, you no longer need to hire a full-time IT support team, train them, or even set up an office space for IT support. You save on all these costs with remote IT support service.

    Remote IT assistance provides you with professional IT services at an affordable subscription fee depending on the number of support tickets raised, issues resolved, maintenance, etc. Instead of wasting resources on an under-utilized in-house IT support team, hire a remote IT support service provider and pay only for what you use. 

  2. Skilled technicians solve your IT issues instantly
    Traditionally, when you are faced with any unprecedented IT issues, you need to book an urgent appointment and wait for IT support to visit your office and diagnose the issue. This wastes a lot of time and costs more.

    With remote IT assistance, you get 24/7 on-demand IT support, and your IT issues are remotely solved in real time. You can also specify your support requirements while you sign up with a remote IT support provider. In addition to a quick resolution, such prompt IT support also saves your business from losing money due to critical server downtime.

  3. Your remote work environment is secured
    Remote and hybrid workplaces are slowly becoming the new normal. Nonetheless, remote working is not as secure as working from the office. Employees' personal devices and WiFi networks are not secure when compared to professionally secured hardware in an office environment.

    Remote IT assistance keeps your remote work environment secure using antivirus software, and a firewall, ensuring all devices are regularly updated for the latest security patch, and educating your employees on ways to identify security threats.

  4. You get 24/7 remote monitoring and extended support hours
    Remote IT support service providers also offer 24/7 remote monitoring of your network. Be it servers, firewalls, installed applications, or network devices, remote monitoring management (RMM) software oversees your IT infrastructure and sends alerts whenever a problem is encountered.

    Instead of the typical break-fix approach, proactive monitoring and regular maintenance help in fixing IT issues that would otherwise go unnoticed and impact your business operations.

  5. Get access to experts from different domains
    Hiring specialized professionals for all your IT support requirements is significantly expensive when compared to remote IT assistance. Managed IT service providers like MicroTech have certified professionals for cloud solutions, IT support, Windows server management, cybersecurity, and network monitoring. Based on your requirements, we match your service request with an expert in the said domain ensuring you get the best IT support.

  6. Remote IT support service saves time for your business
    Remote IT assistance does not require you to be physically present while your IT issues are fixed nor does it involve halting your business operations. All your IT issues are attended to remotely using remote management tools ensuring smooth maintenance of your IT infrastructure without affecting your business. Remote IT support service also reduces the manual labor required for the upkeep of your IT systems thereby increasing the overall productivity of your organization.

  7. Remote IT support services are easily scalable
    With remote IT assistance, you can easily scale your business operations without the hassle of hiring, onboarding, or training additional IT support staff. You can simply reach out to your remote IT support service provider and increase your IT support plan to match your scaling requirements.

Get 5-star rated remote IT assistance with MicroTech!

We at MicroTech have been providing remote IT support services for more than 50 years now. Our TechCare bundle specifically designed for small and medium-sized businesses includes IT support (computer system installation, hardware/software diagnostics), network management, 24/7 monitoring, antivirus & backup, and Windows server management. We also offer on-call emergency IT services to ensure you are covered outside of normal business hours. 

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