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The Benefits of Hiring a Remote Network Specialist for your SMB

Managing your company’s complex IT infrastructure can be a difficult task in addition to overseeing the rest of your standard business operations. Fortunately, if you don’t have the internal IT resources or you’re simply looking for more thorough tech support, remote network monitoring can help. 

For small and mid-sized businesses, remote network services can alleviate the stress of managing complex computer systems. Additionally, external specialists can devote the time and resources needed to minimize risks and stay on top of recent cybersecurity trends. 

In this post, you’ll learn more about what a remote network specialist is, how network management works, and why MicroTech Systems of Boise can be trusted to handle your most pressing network needs.

What is a Remote Network Specialist?

A computer network specialist is an individual or separate third-party business that helps manage and maintain your company’s computer network infrastructure. 

This process can include both software and hardware management services. Network specialists are trained to install, monitor, fix, and analyze IT-related tasks or issues. 

A remote network specialist is different from an on-site network specialist. In a remote IT framework, the person or group of individuals responsible for maintaining your IT needs accomplishes their work from a distance. To do so, the network specialist will need authorized and secure access to your on-site or cloud-based computer systems. 

How Does Remote Network Management Work?

Remote network management works by granting privileged access to your organization’s computer systems and IT network. The entire process might include steps related to:

  • Software installation
  • System diagnostics
  • Server maintenance
  • Cybersecurity threat response and prevention
  • Security monitoring
  • Local area network (LAN) setup
  • IT resolutions
  • System analytics and reporting

A strong network management experience should focus on small daily operations in addition to long-term goals and remediation. A comprehensive plan is important to ensure that your business stays protected in both the everyday tasks and growth-oriented IT needs.

Benefits of Remote IT Support Services

Small and mid-size businesses can experience a number of benefits when using remote IT support services. These advantages can change the growth trajectory of a business and make it easier on everyone to focus on what is most important. 

  • Faster starting time – If you’re a new business or startup, time is of the essence. You may not have weeks or months to devote to setting up and carefully inspecting your IT framework. If you want a fast start without wasting time and money, hire a team of experts who can accomplish the prep work for you.
  • Greater flexibility – One of the most important benefits of remote IT support services is flexibility. When you know that trained and experienced IT personnel are in the driver’s seat, you don’t have to worry about scheduling IT tasks in addition to everything else on your plate. This frees up time for you and your team to focus on other critical operations and strategies.
  • Cost savings – Investing in remote IT support services is a big choice. Surprisingly, it can be more cost-efficient than hiring and onboarding an internal team of IT management specialists. For the cost of one IT specialist, you may instead get access to a team of highly trained IT experts.
  • Expert analysis – Do you want to know what’s working and what requires changing in your computer system or network? Remote network specialists can identify gaps, fix major risks, and provide data-backed analysis on your most important systems. You’ll never be left guessing about what works and what doesn’t.

Turn IT over to TechCareTM

MicroTech Services of Boise has been serving small and mid-sized businesses for over 50 years.

We developed TechCare™ as an exclusive IT support service offered for small to medium-size businesses. It’s the way we deliver our all-out, never-say-die approach that has come to be known as our “secret sauce”. All your company's IT needs, handled proactively, effectively, and affordably.

Our 5-star promise also means that you can rely on an IT model that makes every decision with your business in mind. We strive to deliver exceptional results, and our “never-say-die” approach means that there’s no problem or issue that’s too complex for our team.

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The river's calling... Let MicroTech ease your mind and lighten your load this summer. Our remote network specialists can take on the responsibility of your IT framework, freeing up your time and attention.

If you’ve been searching for a remote network specialist, reach out today to MicroTech Systems. Our professional IT monitoring service packages are designed to help local businesses find exceptional round-the-clock IT support. 

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