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Microsoft 365–Main Benefits and How to Use It

In today’s modern work culture, collaboration is more important than ever. As an increasing number of companies move to remote-based work models, the ability to collaborate and share with other individuals online is essential. 

Productivity tools related to email, document and spreadsheet creation, and presentation sharing are still important. Microsoft 365, also known as Office 365, is one of the most popular software tools that enables users to share and send information.

In this post, we’ll provide a high level overview of what Microsoft 365 is, how you can take advantage of its capabilities, and why your business might need it.

What is Microsoft 365?

Microsoft 365 if a productivity platform from Microsoft that allows users to leverage tools such as:

  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • PowerPoint
  • OneNote
  • One Drive
  • Outlook
  • Microsoft Teams

Because users can access and collaborate on all of these tools with one basic login, Microsoft 365 offers ultimate online convenience, especially when working on the go. Premium Office apps are available for multiple use cases including home and personal use, business applications, enterprise systems, and educational services. 

How Does Microsoft 365 Work?

Microsoft 365 works as a cloud-based productivity platform. It is available for PC, Mac, Android, and iOS users. When compared to previous versions of Microsoft Office, the new 365 model is subscription and cloud-based. 

Once installed, Microsoft 365 works seamlessly across all devices. Users can simply sign in using basic credentials and access all of their Microsoft apps from anywhere. 

Microsoft 365 offers different plan levels based on personal or business needs. While a household account includes up to 5 separate users, enterprise and educational plans can accommodate many more users for a seamless organizational experience. 

Benefits of Microsoft 365

If you’re new to Microsoft 365, or if you’re transitioning from another productivity workspace, you might be wondering what the advantages are. Personal and business users can experience several benefits when using Microsoft for everyday tasks.

  • Security – Secure access is a top concern for any business. Microsoft 365 uses a robust security process to protect files and data stored on the cloud. Users can expect two-factor authentication and other identification measures to ensure that only authorized users have access.
  • File accessibility – One of the main advantages of 365 is that users can access files at any time and from any location. This accessibility makes remote work easy and more efficient.
  • Cloud storage – Secure, cloud-based storage offers protection and space. Users can store documents, emails, presentations, spreadsheets, and more. This feature expands desktop storage and creates a shared environment that everyone on a team can use.
  • Enhanced communication – Microsoft 365 isn’t just for document sharing. Applications like Teams allow for video and chat communication as well. These collaboration tools make it easier to discuss important tasks and make changes in real-time.
  • Predictable cost model – Budgeting for productivity tools is important, and so is your bottom line. With a predictable subscription service, you can understand exactly how much these services cost and avoid unnecessary surprises. 

How Microsoft 365 Can Help Your Business

If you’re looking to streamline your workflow processes or increase collaboration between staff members, Microsoft 365 can be a helpful addition to your business. Not only has it been shown to increase remote work flexibility, but it’s also a relatively affordable option based on the size and scope of your needs.

Additionally, Microsoft 365 is a well-established program that offers plenty of technical and customer support. When combined with a licensed IT support specialist, the experience is extremely user-friendly and hassle free. 

When to Hire an IT Support Specialist

Although some businesses might be familiar with Microsoft Office applications, they might need assistance when migrating completely to the cloud. That’s where Microsoft 365 migration services come into play.

With MicroTech Systems, users and businesses can migrate to the cloud with confidence and peace of mind. We understand that Microsoft 365 migration helps you boost your team’s productivity, protect your bottom line, and grow your business efforts.

Using Microsoft 365 on Windows Operating Systems

For users that are already on a Windows operating system, migration and use of 365 programs tends to be even easier. This is because Microsoft 365 often comes bundled with other Windows products. This may include:

  • The individual license to the Windows operating system (versions 8 and higher)
  • User-based license to the Office 365 platform
  • Individual management and productivity tools for each user (installed on the computer system in question)

For businesses that deploy both hardware and software to employees, a corporate or enterprise license may be the best agreement. Microsoft business plans start as low as $5 per month, per user for small businesses. 


Modern businesses of all sizes must continually innovate and improve operational processes. Tools like Microsoft 365 allow these productivity goals to become a reality. With excellent collaboration features and the ability to sync to a secure cloud, businesses can accomplish more while protecting what matters.

If you’re a Boise-based company or small business that’s interested in migrating to Microsoft 365, MicroTech Systems has the expertise you need. From initial migration to software maintenance and planning, our team can equip you for your future goals.

Reach out today to MicroTech Systems to learn more about our professional IT services.