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10 Reasons to Use Remote Monitoring in Your Cloud Computing Environment

Manually monitoring your IT infrastructure isn't efficient — it blocks your employees' time which would rather be spent on other business tasks. You can outsource remote monitoring and management (RMM) to a trusted Managed Service Provider (MSP) and get professional IT remote monitoring services while saving costs. 

Remote monitoring in cloud computing refers to overseeing your IT infrastructure using remote software to ensure your business is running smoothly and proactively fixing issues to maintain your IT systems.

Let's discuss remote monitoring in detail to understand its importance.

What is remote monitoring in cloud computing?

Remote monitoring is the process of tracking how your IT equipment and process are working and controlling certain functions of your IT operations without having to be present on-premise.

IT remote monitoring software uses artificial intelligence, data processing, sensors, and other tools to monitor your IT systems such as servers, networking equipment, desktops, cloud environment, etc., and troubleshoot issues before it harms your business operations. 
You should clean your hardware equipment like keyboards, CPUs, and monitors regularly to keep them dust-free using a lint-free cloth or a microfibre cloth.
Every three to six months, you should deep clean your IT system using compressed air or a high-quality computer vacuum to remove the dust clogging the hardware systems.Portrait of businessman talking on mobile phone in office

Top 10 reasons to implement IT remote monitoring right away 

     1. Become a 'Zero-downtime' business

Downtimes can cost you a fortune. Facebook lost around $100 million in revenue due to a six-hour outage in 2021. Uptime Institute’s 2021 Global Data Center Survey states that more than 60% of the respondents lost over $100,000 to downtime. Some even reported losses of more than $1 million.

IT remote monitoring ensures business continuity saving you from massive losses.  The remote monitoring software sends alerts when it detects a tech hitch in your IT systems. This helps you to proactively resolve the issues before it amplifies leading to an outage.

     2. Monitor your entire IT infrastructure

Remote monitoring in cloud computing can oversee almost all the components in your IT architecture. Be it networking systems, firewalls, servers, routers, desktops, etc., you can use IT remote monitoring software to monitor every device 24/7. 

     3. Repair your IT systems without being physically present

Remote monitoring software runs round the clock and reports problems in your computer systems as soon as they are identified. You can now fix your IT infrastructure immediately rather than waiting for the weekend break-fix routine.

The best part is that you don't need to be physically present to diagnose or fix issues. IT remote monitoring application will contact you when an issue arises and execute the instructions remotely.

     4. Automate your IT maintenance

You no longer need to hire staff to manually maintain your computers. Remote monitoring tools use artificial intelligence to push updates remotely. Integrate an IT remote monitoring software in your business and you can automatically run routine scripts, update software, install bulk changes, and more.

     5. Remote monitoring brings vault-like security

Cybercriminals are always on the look to exploit businesses. Unfortunately, most businesses fail to detect cyber incidents when they occur, failing to minimize and combat such attacks.

Remote monitoring keeps a check on your cybersecurity systems round the clock to ensure they are functioning properly. If your business is attacked, the remote monitoring application will alert you immediately, helping you to activate your defense and response mechanism to limit the damage.

     6. You get detailed insights into your IT systems

When you use monitoring in cloud computing, you get detailed insights into your IT systems. From your networking systems to server usage, you receive periodic (weekly or monthly) reports on your IT usage allowing you to improve your IT operations.

    7. Unlock more productivity

IT remote monitoring frees up your staff from tasks like manual maintenance, monitoring, fixing troubleshooting issues, etc., enabling them to focus on other business tasks. You can focus more on acquiring new clients and scaling your business when your employees have more time to dedicate to business-critical tasks. 

    8. Regulatory compliance becomes easy

If you operate a business, say pharmaceuticals, that is mandated to monitor business operations 24/7, remote monitoring can help you meet regulatory compliances. With IT remote monitoring, you can keep an eye on your business activities 24/7 and use the documented monitoring data to pass regulatory audits. 

    9. Save data loss

Remote monitoring in cloud computing is capable of tracking data losses and changes at the block level. You won't want to lose data, the fuel that powers your business operations. Remote monitoring applications help you back up your essential business files safeguarding you from data loss damages.

   10. You pay less and do more with IT remote monitoring

Investing in a reliable remote monitoring tool will earn your business more revenue in the long run. Remote monitoring automates overseeing your IT systems and saves you from maintenance costs, damages due to cyber intrusions, downtime losses, human error, and more.


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