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What is a RMM Tool? MSP Remote Monitoring & Management in Boise

MSP remote monitoring and management tools make life easier for Boise businesses by providing their IT systems with 24/7 monitoring. The IT RMM tool provides small businesses in need of good IT infrastructure something they can rely on to secure their data. 

What Is a RMM Tool?

Remote monitoring and management (RMM) is a tool created so that managed IT service providers (MSPs) can actively monitor a small business’s IT systems remotely. To do so, the MSP installs an “agent” into the business’s network and devices to activate the remote monitoring and management and feed vital information regarding the health of the business’s hardware and software. 

By implementing network RMM, small organizations need not worry about maintaining their machines, as the MSP can gain valuable insights into the network through the RMM and make sure all software is kept up-to-date. If any issues arise, these can be resolved remotely through the RMM agent at any time of day. This allows for issues to be identified and solved in rapid response times, often before the business has even realized, thanks to alerts. 

Gone are the days of having to wait for an IT technician to come into your office to fix issues. With IT RMM, alerts of problems are automatically generated and classified based on a number of factors such as the problem itself and the severity of the problem. These are then sent to the MSP immediately and action can be taken. In addition to fixing issues, the IT service provider has the ability to install new software or existing software updates, administer patches, and much more, all from one dashboard. They can also handle tasks simultaneously across multiple business devices.  

Benefits of Using RMM Management 

Adopting IT RMM into your small business can offer you a number of benefits: 


RMM solutions make it simple to create automated workflows, such as setting up automated alerts for monitoring tools, producing tickets automatically to address support requests, and utilizing scripts to automate issue resolution. 

Enhanced Security 

Cybersecurity is extremely important for small businesses that may not have the greatest IT infrastructure. Network RMM is able to play a crucial role in strengthening the IT security of your business, while also ensuring it complies with regulations across the industry. With this 24/7 monitoring, any potential security breaches can be detected immediately and dealt with. On top of this, the IT RMM can proactively update antivirus software and provide patch management to ensure the business’s systems are secure against attacks. This will mitigate risks and protect important data. 

Faster Support 

Small businesses can receive help from anywhere and at any time with RMM tools. Being able to receive instant solutions to IT problems can make a real difference for organizations looking to grow.   

Increased Productivity 

With the IT RMM fast support comes increased productivity, as problems are resolved and employees can continue to operate as normal, without having to wait for an IT technician to arrive on site. 


Having a network RMM in place allows the IT service provider to monitor your business’s systems 24/7 through a single dashboard. The business can function as normal while data is being collected in the background automatically to make sure everything is operating as it should. 


With the 24/7 monitoring also comes the ability to observe and analyze reports. The MSP can create reports based on the number of alerts that have been sent and/or solved throughout any specified time frame. This can be useful to gauge the overall health of your system. 


RMM helps your organization flourish by automating all the time-consuming operations of fixing IT issues and making it simpler for you to focus on scaling your business. 

The assessment of the business's IT needs is the first step in developing an IT strategy. This includes identifying present pain points, analyzing existing infrastructure, and comprehending the organization's goals and requirements. 


Investing in a remote monitoring and management solution will equip small businesses with the necessary tools needed to improve their cybersecurity, optimize their IT infrastructure by resolving issues a lot faster, and streamline compliance. By implementing MSP remote monitoring & management, small businesses can focus on reaching their goals with increased productivity and reduced downtime.  

To learn more about IT RMM contact us today. Here at MicroTech Systems, we provide 24x7 remote monitoring & support to ensure your business’s physical IT infrastructure is secure and running at its optimum.

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