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7 Warning Signs That You Are Settling for Mediocre IT Service

No one wakes up and seeks out mediocre IT service.

You buy into the promises of a service provider and expect that they’ll deliver. And on the surface, it probably seems as if all is well.

Mediocre IT persists quietly in the background of your business. If you’re not attuned to the warning signs, you could go months or even years without realizing you’re being shortchanged.

Step back for a moment and think about whether or not you’re getting the service your business needs.

You might be dealing with mediocre IT if:

  • You find yourself more involved in IT than you want (or expected) to be
  • You’re not always confident that your business technology works the way you expect it to
  • Your IT provider only reacts to a problem when you alert them to it
  • Even your simplest questions go unanswered for extended periods of time
  • You’ve ever taken care of an IT task yourself because it was faster than contacting your provider
  • Anyone working for your IT provider has taken a combative, condescending, or otherwise unhelpful tone when answering your questions
  • There’s no familiar point of contact for your communications with the provider

This is by no means an exhaustive list of warning signs, but you get the idea. Your IT performance is too important to leave to a partner that won’t go above and beyond your expectations.

Ready for Better? Refuse Mediocre IT Today

We’ve helped that local law firm and many other SMBs refuse mediocre IT by providing our 5-Star Promise.

5-Star service isn’t an award—it’s a declaration that our team will go out of its way to deliver the technology, service, and experience promised from the outset. We’ve challenged our team to go the extra mile and meet a set of standards that we believe, if delivered to you, constitute a 5-Star service rating. More than anything, it’s a mindset and a healthy disdain for all-things mediocre.

We challenge mediocre IT service by relentlessly focusing on serving you with this 5-Star Promise:

  • Integrity at the Core of Our Service
  • A Never Give Up Attitude
  • Owning the Work We Do
  • Focusing on Building Trust
  • Backing Up the 5-Star Promise with a Guarantee

We’re so confident in our 5-Star Promise that we’ll discount your bill if you don’t feel we’ve lived up to the service standard. It’s time to get the service your business deserves.

Refuse Mediocre IT

Check out what 5-Star Service really looks like and let us know how we can help you.

That’s exactly what a local law firm realized before they reached out to us for better service. Follow their example and refuse mediocre IT.