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Why buy from us?

All too often we quote a PC or something only to have a client state, we can get that cheaper.

3d computer servers over a white background

Let’s take a quick look at the average PC quote.  A client contacts us and needs to purchase a PC.  We go to the hardware vendor’s site (branded of course, Dell, HP, Lenovo, etc.) compare current models and configure the system to get our cost.  We then put the quote together and send it over to you.  Next comes the follow up emails / phone calls for questions and status reports.  You sign off, we send the quote to procurement, the order is placed, tracked, and then it arrives.  We receive it, set it up in our system with all the necessary information (warranty, serial number, etc.).  We then receive, process and pay the invoice from the vendor, then go through the process of invoicing you from our system, and finally receiving your payment.

Do we put a markup on the PC?  ABSOLUTELY!  We have to!  Look at all the touches we put into that – configuring, quoting, follow up, ordering, tracking, entering it into our system, paying the vendor invoice, invoicing you, and receiving your payment.  That is approximately 3 hours of work.  I promise you, when subtracting the cost of that time form the $50 to $100 we make on a PC, we are not making a killing off of you.

So why buy from us?

  • You get the correct configuration for your needs.
  • You get the correct version of Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office . You won’t get versions that don’t work with your network and incur additional upgrade costs and install costs right when you buy it.
  • The system is not from a retail store and full of “bloatware”. We spend less time cleaning it up during the install….less expensive install.
  • You get a business class system with a proper 3yr. warranty. Not a warranty that requires you to send you system to the manufacture.  Do you really want to be without a system for 2-3 weeks?
  • When you have a question, your system is in our system, we can look anything up and track it through it’s life cycle.
  • We have the correct relationships established with preferred vendors to assist with complications, logistics, and faster support requests.
  • And most importantly, you get us. We stand behind our configuration and what we ordered.  If something isn’t right, we make it right or we die trying.

Your statement….we can get it cheaper, your right, you can.  Are you saving money?  Possibly, but it is also possible that you aren’t.  It boils down to value.  If you don’t find added value in the bullet points listed above, then it might be best for you to purchase the system on your own.