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How to Run a Microsoft Network Assessment

When you rely on software systems for conducting business, you need to know that those systems are operating at peak efficiency. Anything less can result in lackluster performance, poor internal adoption, and even major security concerns that could put your data at risk.

Many organizations use Microsoft programs for connection, collaboration, and workflow management. A network assessment can ensure that these programs are running well and that there are no concerns to be addressed.

In this post, we’ll provide an overview of what a Microsoft Network Assessment is, why you should perform these regular checks, and how managed IT services (like MicroTech Systems) can help.

What is a Microsoft Network Assessment?

A Microsoft Network Assessment is a tool that allows users to check on the status (uptime) and performance of an established network. When running an assessment, a specialized tool checks on various points throughout the server to determine how well a network is running.

There are usually two primary features of these checks:

  • Performance
  • Connectivity

Network Performance

Microsoft network performance is measured by streaming packets of data to other points in the network. Measurements are taken to gauge how long it takes to exchange data between points, perform certain tests, and establish stable connections with other users. 

Performance indicates how reliable, quick, and strong a connection is. The better the performance, the fewer errors a user should experience when trying to perform basic functions. 

Network Assessment Tool

Microsoft users can access different network assessment tools based on the specific Microsoft product they are using. One of the most common tools is the Microsoft 365 network connectivity test.

Running this connectivity test measures the strength of the connection between devices and between those devices and the available internet connection. The tool also runs information between the connected device and Microsoft’s primary network.

To run the test, simply enter your domain and allow the tool to perform a quick checkup. For more detailed results, enable your computer’s location.

Microsoft Teams Network Assessment Tool

In addition to the general network assessment tool, there is also a Microsoft Teams Network Assessment. This tool performs a brief test to determine the quality of the network when it comes to Microsoft Teams calls. 

For users that rely on Teams for video capabilities, screen sharing, and teamwork features, this tool is an important way to keep connections strong. Users can identify issues early and troubleshoot problems that could prevent team members from working together.

To run the Teams tool, simply install it to your computer's available programs. Perform a quick check whenever you want to evaluate your Teams account.

What Can You Learn from the Assessment Tools?

By running a network assessment, users and IT leaders can glean plenty of helpful information from the results of each tool or test. This information includes:

  • Opportunities for updating the IT architecture to improve performance and connectivity
  • Security concerns that should be fixed or addressed prior to working
  • Identification of areas that could be changed or eliminated to save on costs
  • Insight into the entire network that could contribute to better system performance

The results of a network assessment should produce actionable insights that your IT team can leverage for the benefit of the entire organization.

Remember–the indications of an assessment tool are only as good as what comes next. If your tool reveals notable errors or connectivity problems, prioritize correcting these as soon as possible.

How MicroTech Systems Can Help

MicroTech Systems of Boise offers Office 365 Consultation and Migration Services for Microsoft users who want to improve current performance. By working with our trained team of Microsoft specialists, you can refocus your efforts on other essential business activities.

When you use Microsoft Office, you’re in the company of millions of other individuals and businesses that rely on Microsoft for workplace productivity. Its wide scale application results in benefits like:

  • Cloud-based collaboration
  • Seamless migration experiences
  • Enhanced cybersecurity features

Although these benefits are essential for ultimate productivity, keeping your tools in check is one of the best ways to optimize your systems. Network assessment tools are one of the easiest ways that you can take control of your Microsoft processes and know how your connections are performing at any point in time.

Wrapping Up

Professional IT and network maintenance services can provide the assurance and peace of mind you need to accomplish your other goals. When your network is up to par and performing well, you can maintain a competitive edge.

Reach out to MicroTech Systems to inquire about our Microsoft Office 365 packages. We’ll answer your questions, help you strategize, and find a solution that works to advance your IT goals.

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